Strawberry Bananza! Fruity Face Scrub and Mask

*blows dust off of dashboard*

Hello loves

Long time no see, huh?

Apologies completely on my part, updating regularly is a leviathan task when university tries its hardest to ruin any sort of free time I’m luckily enough to have. But all’s well, despite impending deadlines, reports and projects, I’m going to try my hardest to update more regularly. Scouts promise. *Does the hand gestures and everything*

Okay, enough with the sap, I’m beginning to hear the faint sound of violins playing in the background. So the reason for this post loves is I want to show you a snazzy little face scrub I stumbled upon on Eclectic Kate’s page! It’s delicious and packed with all sorts of strawberry goodness (And leaves your skin smelling pretty yummy too)

I also used this as inspiration to create and try a new mask too using the little red beaut. ‘Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Yoghurt’ see what I did there?


Om nom nom.

Now strawberries are the Supermen of the fruity world. Okay, so I made that last bit up, but they are pretty amazing for your skin. Containing natural Salicylic acid ( A component in many over the counter inflammatory acne treatments) They make a great addition to natural remedies for anyone struggling with the troublesome problem. Also an incredibly rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants- they can not only help with spots, but can also help fight against aging and wrinkles. Pretty super huh? Now this mask works best when used regularly as part of your cleansing routine. A mask once a week would work great, and the scrub a hand full of times every so often may be heaven-sent for your skin.

And on the chance you have a hot smoking date to go on tomorrow, these fruity remedies leave your skin smelling delicious. Oh, I’m not implying anything…I’m just saying. :).

Strawberry Facial Scrub

For step by step instructions for the strawberry scrub here’s a link to the original post :

Strawberry ‘n’ Cream Face Mask

Simplest. Face mask. Evuh.

Okay. Grab your strawberry, the ripper it is the easier it will be to mash up. Once all pulverised add a generous heaped spoonful of yoghurt to the mix (Place the yoghurt in the fridge whilst you’re mashing the strawberry, it will give the mask a refreshing kick) mix together well till you left with a light pink mixture. Grab a foundation brush or the back of a spoon and place on to your skin avoiding the general eye area. Now for some R &R, Rest and Relaxation. Leave for around 15 minutes then wash off with luke warm water for softer kissable skin :)


Thanks again to EclecticKate for this awesome recipe.

Hope you enjoy, and I’ll be back soon enough!



4 thoughts on “Strawberry Bananza! Fruity Face Scrub and Mask

  1. So this is how to get a husband abi? I mean they always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… I reckon having delicious strawberry should do the trick. I’m not getting any younger… ;)

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